fortuna fortibus favet

I’ve never been keen on writing third person biographies about myself, so hello, my name is Alexandra, but my friends call me Ally or Al. My head hurts a lot and I write essays that often get me in some sort of trouble.

This blog holds essays that I have written all throughout my high school career, meaning yes, there are words that I wrote at the age of fourteen and am embarrassed to allow the internet to memorialize. They are the stepping stones of my teenage experience, a warped one. I struggle with a complex daily migraine syndrome that has taken my cherubic complexion and hopeful worldview away and has left me with designer bags under my eyes and a whole lot of sarcasm. My essays center around themes of loneliness, pain, anxiety, depression, and essentially every other struggle that comes with growing up with mental and physical issues, specifically in the modern age. I strive to create a truthful, yet hopeful narrative that touches my readers and gives them perspective into life where things like seeing, eating, and sleeping become difficult, let alone navigating relationships, school, and life in general. My latest achievements include earning three national Scholastic Art & Writing awards, one being gold and two silver as well as being published by the Denver Post for my editorial on the teen suicide epidemic. You can find links to my awards and features via the tab in the menu above marked “author links.”

If you are a publication looking for your next sleep-deprived, depressed young writer who is not afraid to show her teeth, boy have I got a few essays for you. 

If you are a family member hearing rumors about my scandalous essays, I’m surprised you’ve managed to find this. I applaud your technological advances.

Finally, if you are an ex-boyfriend watching carefully for your story debut, welcome. I warned you.