Mild Neuroticism AKA Being a Writer

This is what we call: a brain dump. The idea of being a creative is a pretty one. Artists with their hair in shaggy updos, paint staining the insides of their fingernails as they tell you about their new project. Poets furrowing their brows as they stare into their Moleskin on a park bench, armedContinue reading “Mild Neuroticism AKA Being a Writer”

$110/ Session: How To Be a Therapist

People ask me all the time if I was a sad kid. That’s their way of asking if I’ve always been depressed or had these never-ending thoughts that eat me alive. Although my parents would probably say “no, it’s the god damned social media! She was never like this!”, I would tell you otherwise. IContinue reading “$110/ Session: How To Be a Therapist”

Steve & The Painfully Hot Hot Chocolate

There are many men who come into the coffee house on a daily basis. The lonely soldiers with a keen eye for the pretty potential wives. The businessmen who orders cappuccinos because it sounds professional, meanwhile not knowing what they’re ordering. There’s the teenage boys seeking dope in the form of 2,000 calorie drinks, runningContinue reading “Steve & The Painfully Hot Hot Chocolate”

Crushes, Boys, and Growing Pot

When I was fourteen, my high school made me read Chaim Potok’s “The Chosen”, a painfully long novel about two boys in Brooklyn who belonged to different sects of Judaism. It was grueling to get through. I remember the pages softly leaving marks on my stomach as I read, sprawled out on a lawn chairContinue reading “Crushes, Boys, and Growing Pot”